CAPcon Classes

2016 Classes (Tentative Scheduling)


“Tips & Tricks” (Squee) 11:30am -12:30pm –

The basic idea of it is to show a collection of tips and tricks folks have learned about ABDL, age play, caregiving, care receiving, etc.

Finding Meaning (Babiedboi) 11:30am -12:30pm –

For many ab/dls, littles or age players, there is a lot of time spent on “making sense of” or “finding meaning for” the role that ageplay has in our lives. Whether we’re 18 yo or 38 yo or 58 yo; we often try to explain why we like to wear diapers or find ageplay sexually arousing. Confusion, anxiety or shame can inhibit our enjoyment of ageplay, cause binge and purge cycles and add stress to our lives and relationships. Finding meaning often allows you to release stress rather than generate it. This interactive session will look at ways to find the unique value that age play brings to your life. Participants will explore their own unique beliefs and discover new techniques that nurture self-acceptance.

A “Little” Detective Work. 1:50 – 3:05pm –

Join Detective Luna and her stuffie sidekick, Deputy Moose, in creating and investigating an imaginary world, playing improv games, and solving mysteries with the CCFTPD (CAPcon Fairy Tale Police Department). This class will focus on stretching our imaginations, letting go of our day to day worries, and having fun playing pretend in a structured adventure. This class will feature active participation from all of its members. Please come ready to play!

Where Middles Belong (Tronab) 1:50 – 3:05pm –

Headspace age in diaper fetish is definitely on a sliding scale from diaper lover with no age play element to infant role play. Sometimes an ageplayer will fall close to the middle of the continuum. In other cases, an ageplayer will fluctuate into and out of middle headspace through middles appropriate activities, clothing, and roleplaying scenes. The definition of what a middle is seems nebulous. We will present what we think about middles and related play and then collaborate with our audience to reach a consensus on the subject.

Homemade Play-doh (adjutantreflex & DauntlessRune) 3:50 – 5:05pm –

General instructions on Play-doh preparations and then let people break off into groups of 3-5 to mix up the recipe and then proceed to make a creation out of the mixture they made. Prizes for the top three most awesome creations.

Dark Age Play (Papi D and Spiderella) 7:00 – 8:15pm –

Join us as we discuss strategies for successful dark and taboo ageplay. This includes cultural taboos, sadomasochistic activities, sex, pushing limits, and other ‘dark’ subject matter. This class is for those who want to explore deeper and play with the darker areas of age play and role play. Topics covered include types of roles, scenes, the use of toys and props, psychology, and consent. Learn strategies to make your dark ideas happen.


Still ‘AB’ After All These Years (Inky) 9:30 – 10:45am –

This is a panel discussion of individuals who have been an AB for most of their adult life and a majority of the ‘growing up’ years, for whatever reasons have found themselves living the lifestyle as much as they desire/can. Each person will have a chance to share what got them to the point of considering themselves an AB and what pitfalls they have faced along the way – including relationships, how it has effected jobs, families and social groups they are involved in – i.e. religious, Lodge or club activities, etc., psychological issues, as well as what has changed from being 18 to 60+.
There will be a Moderator who will direct the conversation and ask pertinent questions of each individual as well as taking questions from the audience.
Panel Participants: DaddyInky, ababy_Jeffie, SarahPlainNsmall, BKimmy, Kikee, ljlarrbear, babiedboi Moderator: Jonathan Thomas

Baby Fear Factor! (Mommy Teisha and BabyBrett) 9:30 – 10:45am –

Everyone knows what fear factor is full of fun and mystery. Well this year at capcon we baby-fied it up! We decided to think outside the box for a fun time Mommy and I have been listening for a event for both middles and littles. This will be an interactive play session for those who want to participate or just watch the fun happen. We will be looking for brave little’s to volunteers which we will pick randomly.
We have some fun and safe games planned, but part of the fun is keeping that a secret! I will tell though it will be fun to watch. Of course there will be prizes for the winners and volunteers also! Before the event there will be a signup form with some questions allergy wise and others as we want everyone to have fun but be safe!
Do you have the guts to drop your binky pull up the diapers and compete!
Hope to see you there!

Playing the Edge – Exploring and Expanding Your Ageplay Boundaries (Babiedboi) 11:15am – 12:30pm –

Ageplay can take many forms, ranging from non-sexual role-play to the intensity of “dark ageplay” and beyond. Limiting ageplay (based on interest, as well as physical and emotional tolerance) to a specific set of activities is understandable. Even in daily life, we tend to remain within a familiar but limited comfort zone by staying away from both our physical and mental edges.
In many areas of our lives, growth happens when we stretch outside our comfort zones and follow the ever-shifting edge. This session is designed to help participants in consensual adult ageplay understand their perceived limits and explore whether they can push or have those limits pushed at their boundaries.

Pigtails and Plaid Skirts: School Age Play (Tisiphone) 11:15am – 12:30pm –

From nap time and recess, to detention and diplomas. Isn’t there just something about those pigtails that drives you nuts? Or do you remember crushing out on your favorite teacher in high school? There’s something a little taboo and pretty hot about the school girl fantasy.We’ll start out with the light and fluffy and cover what school play can encompass, why so many people are drawn to it, and what can be done with it. Towards the end we’ll get a little naughty and cover sexy things that can spice up your play even further.

Diaper Touch Sensual Play (Tronab) 1:00 – 2:15pm –

Touching around the diaper area has sexual meaning and touching in a sexual way around a diaper is not that different from tactile contact around regular underwear. By all means use touch around the diaper area as foreplay, but foreplay or not, how can physical contact around the diaper area affect an ageplayer emotionally? Everyone experiences touch sensation, unless you were born without a nervous system (we hope this isn’t the case). Much like clothing, diapers constantly touch your skin. In turn, the nerves in your skin get used to the clothing and become desensitized. New and exciting ways of touching are needed to keep things fresh and exciting. We will thoroughly explore various methods for touching around the diaper area and what they mean to us personally and what these touching activities mean to us collectively as ageplayers.

Age Play & Long Term Relationships (Sara & Susan) 1:00 – 2:15pm –

Sarah & Susan are extremely excited to be presenting at CAPcon again this year. This class will be a round table discussion around “Long Term Relationships and the ABDL lifestyle”. They are looking forward to hearing questions and attendees sharing their experiences. Should you feel uncomfortable raising a question in a group setting, please feel free to message Sarah directly prior to the class and the question will be brought up anonymously during the discussion.

Mommy Teisha and BabyBrett Preschool Fun 2:50 – 4:05pm –

Hello to all the little’s of CAPcon! Mommy Teisha and Baby Brett have decided to present an interactive pre school play session! This play session will be geared toward both littles and middles! This year mommy is planning some fun activities for everyone. Mommy and Baby Brett will open the play session with a quick introduction of themselves and briefly talk about ways to increase the play time in the little world and how important play is for littles. Once the introductions are out of the way they will start the play session,
which will include an interactive circle time that will be filled with:

STORY TIME – Mommy will select several favorite preschool books that mommy will read to the littles. The books will allow for all the littles to use their imagination and will allow the littles to communicate with mommy as we read together.
SING A LONG – What is preschool with out singing our favorite preschool tunes? Mommy has chosen several songs that will be fun for all. These songs will be familiar to everyone and will require some participation and movement! Additionally, we will take requests if we have time.
SHOW & TELL – Mommy is asking that littles bring their favorite toy(s) that remind them of being little. Little’s selected by Mommy, will be able to show off their favorite toy, blankie, or stuffed animals and tell us why it’s so important to them. Once circle time is over mommy has a fun preschool themed activity that all the little’s can enjoy together!

Kids & Critters: A Primer (Tisiphone) 4:20 – 5:35pm –

Curious about age play and pet play, but just don’t know how to start? Or are you already into them and are looking for ways on how to incorporate the two together? Then look no further than this class! We will go over the basics of what both age play and pet play are, and what each looks like separately. We’ll cover the basic points of pet play that translate across the animal kingdom before going more in depth with canines and felines. Then, we’ll discuss the myriad of ways in which you can incorporate the two forms of play together. After all, littles and pets are a match made in heaven! What little doesn’t like playing fetch with the puppies or petting the kitties?


Ageplay and Spirituality (Anon777) 10:30 – 11:45am –

Overview of ageplay, including review of existing peer reviewed journal articles and dissertations as well as the history of ABDL:
-Psychological and social issues faced by ageplayers: shame/guilt, binge-purge cycle, social isolation
-Holistic integration of ‘little’ and ‘big’ sides, including psychological aspects of self-acceptance and God image
-Fowler’s model of faith development stages, how to identify where one’s little side is on the model, and spiritual activities/exercises appropriate for each stage. Hands-on guidance using Sybil McBeth’s ‘Praying in Color’ technique would be provided towards the end; there would probably be additional hands-on activities as well. While I am coming from a liberal Protestant Christian background, the presentation content would be ecumenical and not limited to any one particular faith/religion.

Couples Only Round Table Discussion (Sara and Susan) 12:00 – 1:45pm –

In this class, we will have couples share/discuss our life experiences and challenges in relationships involving the ABDL lifestyle. Participation is not required, but appreciated.