CAPcon Classes

Name Instructor(s) Description
Big Littles Podcast Live Spacey & Mako Come be a part of the Littles podcast LIVE at Capcon!
Age play Relationships in Real Life: Daily Desires and Dilemmas, A Roundtable Sarah & Susan This workshop will give answer to some of the questions about living an age play lifestyle integrated with everyday life.  Using a roundtable format, you’ll ask questions, give answers and give your experiences living an age play lifestyle.  Come find out more about this type of lifestyle in real time or share your experiences, questions and answers.
Dark Age Play Benny How can age play overlap with bondage, humiliation, blood play, or other forms of kink? What happens when discipline gets truly scary? This class covers a wide range of options and ideas for incorporating physical and emotional pain and suffering into an age play context, with varieties from the mild to very intense.
Playing Well with Others Benny Focuses on balancing important adult issues (consent stuff etc) with still having fun in little’s head space. This class will include a demonstration and hands-on type practice.
Stories & Games Squee Talk with interactive demo based on a variety of research & experience
Gender As a Spectrum Squee a group discussion based on personal experiences & Sam Kilkerman’s book

A Path to Agelessness
Lessons for, and from, AgePlayers over 40

Babiedboy Walt Disney once said “that’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up.” That can even be true in the Age Play community. But it doesn’t have to be true. This interactive session will show how the experience of age players over 40 gives important insights into living agelessly. There should be something here for everyone; including a gentle, guided visualization at the end.
Mommy and Me Brett & Teisha

This class is all about little’s and their relationship with Mommies and Daddies One of the most questions that that I get asked is how do I find a Mommie or a Daddie? What do I do or say when I find a Mommie or Daddie this class will address any fears that a little or a big may have when searching for a Mommie, Daddie or a baby.
Another question that I get asked a lot has to deal with regression. This class will be an interactive class where Brett and I will speak on different type’s regression that is used in an Adult Baby and AB parent relationship. Within this class we are also hoping for an open dialogue and communication with big’s and little’s to share their experiences. And to also have a circle time of sharing were adult babies can explore being little with story time songs and games and dancing made for a Toddler!

Unpotty Training Brett & Teisha Discussion of how to unpotty train a little and the positives and negatives around that.
Bratting Stacy

“You are such a brat!”
Every time he says this I smile. My smile deepens, my pulse quickens, and I know this is exactly what I want. Being a brat is an integral part of my life. It’s a part of who I am. This session is about understanding the brat and brat identity, how to encourage your brat-like nature, and explore some fun ways to play with your brat.

A Little’s Inspiration To Playful Rope

Stacy Learning how to rig felt extremely natural to me, after some thought I realized it had a lot to do with the skills I had learned back in my schooldays. Come see how the muscle memory and movements of our youth can easily play into world of rope, as well as some exciting ways of incorporating iconic childhood past times into interesting predicaments
AB and Polyamory Lil Jennie Round table discussion around poly relationships in age play.  What works, what doesn’t, etc.
Babyfurs & Kidfurs Lil Jennie Presentation around ageplay and its crossover with furries.
Accepting and nurturing Yourself Sabrina

Sometimes the hardest part a little has to do is simply accept that they are a little. This workshop with focus on ways to explore and nurture their little side while at the same time catering to one’s own adult life. Areas to be focused on include building friendships, addressing intimate relationships, and finding a way to truly love yourself as a little and yourself as a whole. A question and answer session will be offered as well as special giveaways during the workshop.