CAPcon Classes

Classes (Tentative Scheduling)

“What’s in a name” – This is a fun way to get to know others by;
-Sharing what you understand you name to mean,
-Whom it was who named you and why,
-Plus if you happened to know a little history behind the name – +where it originated.
If you would prefer to include your Nickname, that isfine.

Remember the TV show “What’s My Line”? It required the contestant to come in and “sign in on a Chalk board” their name. Then the panel was required to figure out what this person was known for. Almost like given 20 opportunities of finding the answer.

Well this is not like that, except you will be asked to
“Please Sign in!”
(There will be a twist though, you’ll find out.)

After signing in you will be given an opportunity of sharing:
•What your name means –by definition, origination, etc.
•Who named you and why
•Whom were you named after?

At the end we will publish for you : A Motivational or Funny Name Poem for you to take home -Inky (Friday Morning)

“Baby Steps: Asking Mommy or Daddy for What You Want” exploring how to get what you want out of sexual ageplay.

Asking for what you want seems like such a simple thing, yet many age players struggle with actually opening our mouths and saying the words. Mommies and Daddies (and big brothers and sisters, too) are smart, but they are not mind readers. This session will explore the common barriers to asking for what you want out of sexual ageplay, and offer tips on how to get more comfortable making sexual and non-sexual requests.- babiedboy (Friday Morning)

“Babyfurs and Fursuiting” – My name is Professor Kadamon, and I would like to introduce my new panel about the Baby fur Crossover into the Furry Fandom, I’ll be talking about the fandom, and touching on Fursuiting (From construction to etiquette ) and taking whatever questions that I can in the process. If you’d like to know more about me, the Furry Fandom, and Fursuiting come and join me and your fellow age players. hugs and Crinklewags -“Professor Kadamon- (Friday Afternoon)

A “Little” Detective Work. – Join Detective Luna and her stuffie sidekick, Deputy Moose, in creating and investigating an imaginary world, playing improv games, and solving mysteries with the CCFTPD (CAP Con Fairy Tale Police Department). This class will focus on stretching our imaginations, letting go of our day to day worries, and having fun playing pretend in a structured adventure. This class will feature active participation from all of its members. Please come ready to play! (Friday Afternoon)

“Shame, what is it good for?” – Bambi – Shame: it is an emotion we all feel but rarely understand.  Did you know there was such a thing as good shame? Did you know shame does not have to hold you back in your play and in life?  In this class, these questions will be addressed along with how to identify shame, the differences in good and debilitating shame and how to use shame in helping to shape a healthy Big/little dynamic.  This class is not to help use shame for humiliation or coercion, but to learn more about the human psyche and to touch on why someone with shame may be drawn to the ABDL lifestyle. (Friday Afternoon)

“mommy and me” – Baby Brett and Mommy Tisha – (Description coming soon) (Friday Afternoon)

 “Daycare” is happening again at CAPcon this year! I’m Nurturingmommy, and I held two daycare classes last year for the first time at CAPcon. We had a great turnout, and we’re looking forward to having daycare again. Are you ready for play dough, story time, coloring, and a fun art project? I’ll have special building toys for those of you who what to build something. You’ll leave daycare with some goodies to take with you and some good memories as well! (friday night)

“Getting into your Little” – Baby Brett and Mommy Tisha (Description coming soon) (Saturday Morning)

“Big Panel” – Bambi “Time to hear Mommy/Daddy talk”

Often people can understand why someone might want to be little but why would someone want to be a Big.  In this panel, discussion centers around why someone chooses to take on the role of a Big, the responsibilities a Big takes on and how Bigs find balance in their own lives.  Come wanting to ask questions or to just listen. (Saturday Morning)

“Pigtails and Plaid Skirts: School Age Play” – Tisiphone – From nap time and recess, to detention and diplomas. Isn’t there just something about those pigtails that drives you nuts? Or do you remember crushing out on your favorite teacher in high school? There’s something a little taboo and pretty hot about the school girl fantasy.

We’ll start out with the light and fluffy and cover what school play can encompass, why so many people are drawn to it, and what can be done with it. Towards the end we’ll get a little naughty and cover sexy things that can spice up your play even further. (Saturday Morning)

“Accepting yourself and your ageplay lifestyle” -Sabrina – also know as ‘Neverland’ – CapCon Courses
 Assisted by her fiancé and ‘big/daddy to Neverland,’ Ryan – It’s not easy, accepting yourself – be it if you’re little or big. You may be the one to wear the diaper or the one to change them for your little one, but the act of living with the lifestyle of age play playing a role – well, it takes more than an understand what ageplay actually is. It takes time, patience, understanding, acceptance, and most importantly: love.

This class is based around mental and emotional methods that one can use to help guide them through the troubling times they may have when they explore the world of ageplay. This class will also focus on the discussion of what a ‘big’ may feel or think, and how to assist with any issues they may have and aim to develop better communication and understanding in such a complex world. It may not be easy and it will take more than an hour class to work out all of the problems you or your partner may experience, but with a little bit of that time, patience, understanding and love, acceptance can be found and let me tell you a secret: it’s something rather beautiful.

Note: This class will be limited in size. Attendance will be capped at 50 total participants (totaled by both littles and bigs) unless room requirements allow for less participants to follow safety guidelines. Class attendance will be on a first come, first serve basis and will be interactive with open discussion, a question and answer session, as well as a giveaway of multiple prizes at the end of class. Should room allow for additional participants, they will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. (Saturday Morning)

“Relationships & Age Play” –  Sarah and susan -

This workshop will give answer to some of the questions about living an age play lifestyle integrated with everyday life.  Using a roundtable format, you’ll ask questions, give answers and give your experiences living an age play lifestyle.  Come find out more about this type of lifestyle in real time or share your experiences, questions and answers. (saturday afternoon)

“Ageplay Hypnosis” – Babiedboi - Ever watch one of those cartoons where a hypnotist takes total control of someone’s mind and secretly wish it were you? Or downloaded a diaper hypnosis mp3 online? Erotic or recreational hypnosis (not to be confused with hypnotherapy) is a natural fit for ageplayers. Hypnosis can be used to lower inhibitions and increase sexual feeling and responsiveness – and it is especially effective in creating regression experiences. This class will dispel some of the common myths about hypnosis and discuss the ways it can be used to enhance your ageplay experience. You may even discover if it can make you wet your pants. ;) (Saturday Afternoon)

“Crib building on a budget” – Trudaddybrian - (Description coming soon) (Saturday afternoon)


“Creative Exploration through little headspace” – Theobaby – As children, we saw the world with awe and insatiable curiosity. But as adults, confronted with day-to-day living, many of us lose the child-like wonder of our youth.

As ageplayers, we can slip back into that mindset, to see the world again with fresh eyes, seeking play and discovery. Finding this headspace—or “little space”—can be a powerful component for those seeking to embrace ageplay.

In this class, we will explore little space through the adaptation of Viewpoints-based theatre exercises. This will be a hands-on class requiring movement. No experience necessary. (Saturday Afternoon)

“Bdsm meets ageplay” – Elena Croft – We Will be discussing the mixing of age play with a bdsm lifestyle. Also going over such topics as bdsm saftey, building toys on a budget, how to balance your bdsm lifestyle with your age play one. Comparing mindsets of sub space and little space, things bigs can do to help there little achieve this mindspace. Ending the Class with a demo of various skills. (Saturday night)

Age Play and Pet Play: A Primer” – Tisiphone – Curious about age play and pet play, but just don’t know how to start? Or are you already into them and are looking for ways on how to incorporate the two together? Then look no further than this class! We will go over the basics of what both age play and pet play are, and what each looks like separately. We’ll cover the basic points of pet play that translate across the animal kingdom before going more in depth with canines and felines.

Then, we’ll discuss the myriad of ways in which you can incorporate the two forms of play together. After all, littles and pets are a match made in heaven! What little doesn’t like playing fetch with the puppies or petting the kitties? (Sunday morning)

“”Play Pretend: A True Day of Preschool”” – abrina – also know as ‘Neverland’ – CapCon Courses
 Assisted by her fiancé and ‘big/daddy to Neverland,’ Ryan – Have you ever wanted to go back to a single day of preschool or kindergarten where there were activity tables that you rotated to work on different activities? Do you miss nap time and snack time? Do you remember making necklaces out of fruit loops and doing basic math where you learned addition and subtraction? Such times may seem like a lightyear in the past, but for a little time dedicated at CapCon – a portion of it will be brought back.

During this class, there will be five activity areas set up with five different settings that will remind you of many adventures you may have had (and most likely had) during your childhood era that you probably never wanted to leave (but of course had to when division, fractions, and cursive came along). Such activities will include: the elusive crafting of candy necklaces; coloring activities with crayons and colored pencils offered (no markers of course); and three other activities that will be kept secret until class time.

In hopes to keep the class as magical as possible, not only will Neverland act as a teacher of the class, her partner, Ryan, will keep an eye on all of the toddlers. Both will assist with questions, requests for help, and of course, watching to make sure no time out is needed (and don’t you think it won’t be used)! Spankings will also administered as needed (with permission of the toddler and, if needed, his or her guardian).

Note: All materials for this class will be offered free of charge, for you to keep. This class will be limited in size. Attendance will be capped at 20 participants (plus an optional one individual to act as your big) unless room requirements allow for less participants to follow safety guidelines. Pre-registration will be required the day of. Should you fail to arrive to the class ten minutes before the start, you will lose your place and it will be given to anyone who is waiting for an open spot. Should room allow for additional participants, they will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.

(Sunday Morning)

“Being a better big” – LittlePhilly & kuriousnature -

Do you struggle with how to make your little wiggle with happiness?  Trouble balancing the pull of the real world?  Frustration doesn’t have to live here anymore!  Take a sneak peek into the inner workings of a Big/little relationship.  Hear how frustration and disappointment can turn into peace and happiness.  Discover ways to communicate the needs, wants, and desires of your little.  Take home ideas and skills to help you be the best Big you can be! (Sunday Morning)