What age can you go to this convention?

We are strictly 18+  If your legal ID says any birth-date after March 28th, 2000 you will not be allowed to attend and your ticket will be forfeited.

Why do you need to know our names? Do we need an ID for check in?

**For legal purposes we need your names in order to compare it to your Legal ID (State ID or passport). You will need to have one of the previous in order to be allowed into our convention.

How much does it cost to attend and what does it include.

Capcon is currently on a tier system for tickets.  Meaning that cost depends on when you buy and how close to the convention it is.

For example:

If it was when we first opened our ticket online it was at around $133.90 (Including the Paypal fee.)

By January it’ll run about $153.90 (including the paypal fee) a ticket (includes whole weekend of play space, classes, vendors, games, toys, nursery, changing areas and so much more.)    The room (for 2019) is just over $154 a night (So for example if you stay Thursday to Monday (4 nights) it’s about $616.00)  NOT including the tax.

Airfare and food is your own cost.

We have places on the Fetlife group where you can find Roomates and talk to others going.

Do we have to pay for hotel and means of getting to the convention?

Yes.  Transportation to the event and the hotel rooms are not covered by a CAPCON Ticket.

Where are con rules stated?

What is the vetting process for the Convention?

We appreciate a good profile that shows off your personality and how you are perceived by the community. (Pictures of yourself are not necessary.)

We hold the right to entry or purchasing of tickets to any and all parties at our discretion.

Where is the convention/What is the closest airport:

*We will give this information in your email once you register and are approved, we keep our location hidden to keep our convention as safe as possible.

Can you get to the convention via train/Amtrak

You can but it’d probably still require an ‘uber’ or a taxi once you are off the train.  May take a bit of advanced planning.

What time does the convention start on Thursday and close on Monday (2019)

For 2019 we are opening up at 3 pm on Thursday and at 12:01 am MONDAY the hotel will turn back to completely vanilla. **SUBJECT TO CHANGE**

Can I come in on Thursday?

Yes, you can come in whenever you’d like and leave whenever you’d like.  However  the block online is for Thursday to Monday morning, any days outside will have to be added on their calling the hotel.

**  You will NOT be able to check into the hotel until you are registered at the convention at 3 pm.  If you come in earlier then Thursday you will be required to come check in with us and recheck in with the hotel.  (You will not have to move rooms.)**

Will there be places to change

The con has changing rooms once you get into the space*

Can I wear my clothes/just diapers in the lobby?

No, we ask that you please refrain from doing so outside the convention space. We are very serious about this. It is to help keep our convention not only safe, but going. If we ask you to change, please do so.

Oh okay, so then what IS allowed inside the Con Space?

We allow regular clothes, as well as Onsies, dresses, baby clothes, or  just shirts and diapers, or just diapers.   Your front and backside must be fully covered at all times.  As posted on fetlife, no showing of the ‘dingly bits’ or full nudity.

Is the hotel aware of what we are doing/the convention.

The Hotel is absolutely aware of what we are and what our convention is. That being said there is still other guest staying at our hotel and we ask that you remain appropriately dressed in the lobby and other public spaces. (See above question/answer) *

Can I stay at another hotel and not the host hotel?

You are not obligated to reside at our hotel and may go wherever you wish to stay.   However we DO *appreciate* people staying, as it makes the hotel impressed with our abilities to fill rooms.

Picture policy and how it works?

We will announce it as soon as we get it in order.

Are there a mixture of men and woman?

Yes, as well as them, theirs, and they’s and baby furs.

Will Spanking and other scenes allowed in the con space

We have a room for ‘dark age play’ at certain points of the con. It is meant to separate those who are interested in such and those that are not. We will have a moderator in there keeping in eye on things.


Hey, I was reviewing the rules and I noticed that full fursuits are not allowed in the general convention area. I was wondering why that is?

We have a few reasons for our restriction of Full fur suits.  However lets go over what we do allow first to make it clear.

-We allow in the general convention space, ears, tails, paws and claws.

-We will have two different extra spaces with moderators (Just like any of our spaces.) that will be on the convention schedule to allow full fur suits and allow for play time.

-Full Fur Suits will be allowed in the pageant.

     While baby furries are welcomed and very much celebrated within our convention and community, we found that there are many other outlets for full fur suits to be utilized and very few where ageplayers/diaper lovers could be ageplayers/diaper lovers.

We simply ask that within the space it is limited down to the items listed above.

We thank you for choosing Capcon and look forward to seeing you all for a fun, and safe convention.


Please join our boards for updates, people looking for roommate’s and more.

**This list is subject to change and growth.***