CAPcon Rules

CAPcon 2019 Rules

(subject to change at any time)



CAPcon encourages a welcoming and accepting atmosphere for common interests within the ageplay community. To support this atmosphere, a predefined comprehensive list of rules has been created that MUST be followed by ALL attendees.

Please note that any violation of the rules of conduct below may result in expulsion from the convention and any monies paid will be forfeit.

No refunds will be given to any attendee under any circumstances.

**Compliance with any member of CAPcon or hotel staff is a must.**

By signing, I (the attendee) agree to the following:

Acknowledgment of Rules

  • During the process of signing up for registration to CAPcon, I understand that I am required to electronically accept the rules
  • Upon the successful approval of my registration, I understand that my ticket is final and cannot be refunded or transferred
  • I am required during the registration process at the hotel to verbally acknowledge that I accept the rules and will provide a formal signature to affirm this in writing
  • I understand that the acknowledgement process not only indicates that I have read the rules, but have informed the organization that I will follow them for the duration of the convention and understand the consequences if I fail to do so.
  • I understand rooms in the host hotel are on a first come, first serve basis.

Arrival to CAPcon

  • I am at least eighteen (18) years of age
  • I agree to provide required proper identification (government issued photo ID) including my legal name (matching the legal name I registered with) for verification during registration to enter in the hotel and any convention space.
  • I agree to wear the proper convention identification (lanyard and badge), which must be worn and visible at all times.
  • I understand anyone not displaying this identification will not be allowed to enter the hotel or convention space, and anyone found inside the hotel or the convention space without proper identification, will be asked to leave.
  • I understand anyone found wearing the identification of another attendee will be considered in violation of the rules.
  • I agree to go immediately to the registration desk, in the event that I misplace my badge.  I understand my identity will remain confidential with CAPcon staff

Privacy Requirements

Arriving at the hotel and anywhere outside of the convention space, it is required that you are wearing street clothes “DRESS CASUAL,VANILLA.”

  • I agree to remain in street clothing (dress casual, vanilla) throughout non-convention spaces (including but not limited to the lobby), until entering the designated convention areas
  • I agree to be mindful and respectful of discussions I engage in outside of the convention spaces, which includes but is not limited to the previously mentioned areas (above). Failure to comply, will result in being asked to leave without a refund.
  • I agree to either change in designated changing areas or my hotel room. For those coming from overflow hotels, changing areas will be provided in the space for any changing needs
  • I agree to not expose any nudity and/or genitalia inside of any public convention space (changing rooms excluded) or hotel area.
  • I agree to be respectful of all other Convention attendees and staff at all times. CAPcon understands the diversity of the ageplay community and in that, looks to respectfully open things to all facets. If you have a problem with another attendee’s actions, please locate and inform a member of the Convention Staff immediately.
  • I understand that personal hotel rooms are NOT considered part of the Convention Area, and therefore my activities are neither guaranteed or protected by CAPcon. This includes after parties or social gatherings of any kind. However, overflow to common areas (IE: Hallways, balconies, lobbies, etc.) ARE subject to CAPcon rules. In all convention spaces hotel rules must be followed.
  • I agree to be mindful and respectful of housekeeping staff
  • I agree and affirm that all information regarding events, scenes, participants, or conversations I have participated in or overheard, while attending this PRIVATE event, is to be held in strict confidence, and that breaching of this event confidentiality may result in consequences, up to and including legal action against me.
  • I swear and affirm that I am not a reporter or private investigator (volunteer or professional), attending this event for the purposes of collecting information about any of the participants or the organizers; for the purpose of any investigation, or for the purpose of publication. I further understand and affirm that I will NOT disclose, in ANY format, in any manner, at any time; any information which includes or references ANY details from my attendance at this PRIVATE event.

Digital Media Content – Photography, Video, Audio and Other

Photography, videography, audio or any other form of digital media content recording of any kind is strictly forbidden to ensure attendee privacy and safety.

  • I agree to not take any photos, record video, record audio or any media (analog/digital) content of any kind
  • I agree to check-in any device with the capabilities mentioned above during registration, including but not limited to phones, tablets, watches, or any other capable media recording equipment.
  • I agree to have CAPcon staff apply required security seals over any devices which I have checked-in.
  • I understand cases must be removed on devices for application of the seal to cameras.
  • I agree if at any time the seal(s) is broken and must be replaced, to return immediately to registration to have a new security seal applied and explain why the seal was removed.
  • I understand CAPcon staff has the right to review the media in my device and take action if necessary.
  • I understand that if I post any digital media content, I will be subject to review with possible expulsion and banning from the convention
  • I agree to wear the appropriate identification which signals to photographers it is okay or not okay to take my picture.
  • I understand if I am interested in receiving photos of myself from the convention, I must be wearing the appropriate identification which I received upon registration from the desk after I have signed the photo agreement.
  • I understand my decision having or not having photos taken of me is final and I will not be able to change my choice at a later time.

Defecation & Pool

  • I understand there will be absolutely no defecation in any convention area or during any official convention event. For those with disabilities, we understand that you will discreetly take care of the situation.
  • I understand that no diapers, swim or otherwise are to be worn in the pool

Alcohol & Controlled Substances

Possession or Consumption of controlled substance(s) at CAPcon is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Alcoholic beverages are allowed in designated areas.  If an attendee is found with alcohol in a non-designated area, they will be subject to expulsion and permanent banishment.

  • I agree to use alcohol only in designated areas (ex. Hotel room, atrium).
  • I agree to not possess or use controlled substances in any area of the hotel or convention space.

Criminal Background

During the registration process, you were required to answer questions regarding if you were convicted of any felony and whether you are a convicted sex offender.

  • I agree the information provided during registration for CAPcon is true and accurate.
  • I have not falsified, omitted, or obscured, and will not falsify, omit, or obscure, any relevant information.
  • I understand that withholding of information or giving false or inaccurate information may result in a refusal of entry, termination of my attendance or permanent ban

Agreement & Signature

All decisions by the CAPcon staff are final. No refunds or compensation will be offered or given in the event that your attendance at the convention is terminated by either yourself, convention staff, or the hotel.

I have read the rules thoroughly, understand the rules and consequences and will adhere to them. I understand that failure to do so, will result in expulsion from the convention.


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Rules updated 9/9/2018