About Us

CAP Leadership

Mo (EnieMenieMineyMo) has been a leader of CAP for several years. She’s the one you will probably talk to as she is the most active online. Mo tries to keep up with everyone and what is going on with them. She runs registration for CAPCON.

Luke (BabyLuke) is one of the co-founders of CAP. He runs the monthly Munches. If you have questions about anything at all about what goes on for those events Luke is your Baby!  He handles scheduling in entirety, as well as booking our guests and vendors (and security!)  for the convention.   (AKA Logistics Manager)

Rockr CAP leader and technical genius. He runs more of the behind the scenes things. He is in charge of making sure everything is in order and all the lists are done.

Sarah and Mommy Susan Have been an amazing part of the CAP team for several years. Sarah also designs and builds things for us in all aspects of the convention.  We could not do this without them are grateful to have them with us.

NaughtyFreckles host the Littles Pageant during the Convention and other structured activities.

Daddy Rockabye:  Middles Space/Dance Leader extraordinaire also helps run CAP munches.

Lucy:  Another munch Leader and checking extraordinaire and so very much more.

TYKABLES:  OFFICIAL SPONSOR OF CAPCON 2017 and 2018!! Diapers! Shirts and so much more!

Finally, we have all our wonderful volunteers who we couldn’t do with out..  Big thanks to them!